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Guarino carry out his threat – refused to train


Freddie Guarino carry out his threat to the leadership of Inter.

As is known, Colombian threatened that if bosses Inter not finalize his transfer to Juventus, Guarini will stop to attend the training of this team.

“Calcio News” reported today that Freddie Guarino never appeared on the training ground of Inter Pinetina where alumni Walter Madzari held his daily occupation.

Italian media say Guarino desperate to leave Inter .

As is known, Inter was very close to that part with the player.

An exchange with Mirko Vucinic was settled , but the angry reaction of the fans of Inter startling new club owner Eric Tohir . Billionaire block transfer, which placed him and Inter in general, pretty awkward situation .

As is known, after the defeat of Genoa coach Walter Madzari threatened to resign if in the near future not to be considered a new striker. Specialist Mirko Vucinic insisted on , but thanks to the fans this option failed.

Madzari expected to receive as a gift Marco Borriello by the end of the month.