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Mathieu Bontmer wore the shirt up to the cuff of Lille. Now that greeted the ” Alianza Riviera ” was not freely given . The 32 year old defender was the scorer of the only goal ( 45 ‘ + !’) Of the game to win 1-0 Nis . Certainly it although it was very beautiful in execution ( heel that … choked on and Enieama ) , should not count as the Bontmer was offside when he accepted the cross Brel .
Νις – Λιλ 1-0
Both teams had good moments , but Ospina and Enieama respectively found in good afternoon and kept the score low. The Tsvitanits could clean up a little later for the hosts , but on the line saved the visitors Mavoumpa . Lille responded not found until the finale and was left with just one point in the last four games , which means he is now just one in the 4th St Etienne . As for Nis , took home ‘ trifecta ‘ against Lille after seven years.

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