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Liverpool passed on wages Man City


Annual salaries in Liverpool have increased by 25% and now exceed 200 million pounds, according to a study by “Liverpool Ekou.” The data are for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2016-a. The exact amount is 208 258 000, while the previous period it amounted to 166.085 million.
The explanation is that for the reported period Liverpool drew nine players, and it was appointed manager Jürgen Klopp and his staff. In addition, about a dozen players from the academy have signed their first professional contracts with the club.Liverpool passed on wages Man City

The total number of employees who receive salaries in Liverpool, amounted to 700 people. Of these, 139 are players, managers and coaches, 500 are employed in administration and advertising, and 61 are responsible for maintenance.

Revenue at the club have increased by 3.9 million to 301.8 million, but the club is a loss of about 20 million pounds for the year. This is mainly due notably to the significant pay increases.