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Gerard Piqué overjoyed after victory

Gerard Piqué overjoyed after victory
Gerard Piqué

Barcelona central defender Gerard Piqué was overjoyed after the incredible victory over Paris St Germain. “I lived goals from Iniesta of” Bridge, “but it can not be compared. One is to get a goal back in the 95th minute and another scored three goals in seven minutes. You can talk about the miracle historic victory . today I am going to celebrate, although tomorrow I exercise. Hospitals will need additional staff. After nine months there will be a boom in babies, because today will be doing a lot of love, “she said with a smile Catalan defender. “In 3: 1 usually people would’ve left the stadium. Today, stayed and helped until the very end. Like new audience believes more in this team. All united, joined and those who do not believe so. I understand that many people do not wanted to go. I’m talking about coaches like Saki, Domenech I can spend a whole list … we have shown that we can, and want, “said Pique.

After the game a long time the public did not want to leave. Pique himself with his favorite Shakira and her children stayed even longer, going around the field.