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Pique and I love to exchanging “pleasantries”


Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos and Spain admitted that feels no malice to his great rival at club level – Barcelona defender Zherar Pike. The two reunited on the camp of the national team for the upcoming World Cup qualifier against Israel in Gijon tomorrow.

Sergio Ramos-Zherar Pike

“Pique and I love to exchanging” pleasantries. “In the national team but I just hug him. I have no malice between them. These are interactive play that have always existed between Real and Barcelona. We are used to this and do not see problem because there are no bad feelings between us and everything is on sportsmanship level. I think playing the best season of his career, I hope to extend this in the national team. Now all we think about the game against Israel in Gijon where I keep special memories. You played your game number 100 for Spain and I hope pa to score, “threatened the defender of the Furies.