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Coaches scandal after derby Chelsea – City


Tension broke out after the derby between Chelsea and Manchester City from 31 th round of the Premier League.
After the collision there were serious skirmishes between their staffs of both clubs. “The Telegraph” reported that on the way to the locker room to “Bridge” specialist in physical training from Chelsea Paolo Bertelli and masseur City Mark Sertori entered the cruel scandal.
They are controversial even during the match, but after the final whistle conflict flamed with full force. Stewards have tried to separate the two, but unsuccessfully. During this time, the manager of “citizens” Pep Guardiola has already been returned to the locker room, but when I found out about the event returned.Coaches scandal after derby Chelsea - City
He has tried to settle the dispute, but Bertelli chased him because of his intemperate behavior during the derby. By skirmish was not reached, but the quarrel took a few minutes before the parties to be tamed.
During the drama manager “blue” Antonio Conte celebrated victory in the locker room of his team. As is known, Chelsea won 2: 1, making another step on the way to the title.