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Malaga will take € 1 million for the title of Real


Critics of Real Madrid suspect that Malaga will not be straining tonight to make the “white” champions in Spain. As is well known, the Costa del Sol team will receive a € 1 million bonus if Icos triumphs with the title. This was recorded as a clause in the transfer of the midfielder from Malaga to Santiago Bernabeu years ago.

AS, however, calculates that the club will receive 74% more if Barcelona finishes first. The EUR 1.74 million above will arrive in Malaga on TV rights in Spain. The amount is calculated based on the team’s ranking for the last five seasons. The accounts show that in order to earn 1.74 million euros more, Mitchell’s team should keep its current 11th position – which is only possible in a victory tonight.

If Malaga drops to 12th place, the amount received will go down by 1.2m euros and the 13th position will cause an even larger revenue crash.

Real Madrid has 3 points ahead of Barcelona today. The Catalans have an advantage in direct duels. At the same time, at 21:00, Málaga hosts Real, and Blaubranas accepts Ebar.

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