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Real Madrid 3 – 1 Paris SG HIGHLIGHTS 14.12.2018 


Real Madrid 3 – 1 Paris SG

European club champion Real Madrid made a huge step to the Champions League 1/4 finals after turning Saint-Germain from 0 : 1 to 3 : 1 in Santiago Bernabeu’s first half-finals. The guests from Paris found through Adrienne Rabio in the 33rd minute, but the hosts made a full reversal of Cristiano Ronaldo’s attacks in the 45th penalty, and the complete turn came within four minutes between the 83nd and 86th when Ronaldo and Marcello again signed up.

Real Madrid 3 – 1 Paris SG Highlights 14.12.2018 Champions League

Zinedine Zidane bet on 4-3-1-2, including Isko behind Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. Nacho Fernandez replaces Daniel Carvahal’s penalties on the right-hand side of the defense. Unai Emery will rely on the bombing trio in front positions: Kilian Mabape, Essonne Cavani and Neimar. The captain of Paris, Tiago Silva, sits on the bench at the expense of Presnell Kimpembe.

The first danger was ahead of the guests door after Cristiano Ronaldo got out of defense and managed to direct the ball into the goal field, but there was no teammate to finish the game. There was another tense moment ahead of the Parisian door, with Marcello at the base. Tony Kroos gave a nice shot but the visitors shot a pass in the penalty area.

Money Saint-Germain responded with a gradual attack, ending a shot at Kayor Navas’s door, but the ball went sideways.

A new dangerous situation came in front of the home side after Neamar managed to overtake Nacho and center, but Essonne Cavan was ahead of the ball. In the 13th minute, Neimar was pulled out of the white, but he served with his hand. Shortly thereafter, the Brazilian grossly fouled Nacho and received a yellow card.

In the 24th minute Isco was knocked out of the penal field of the Parisians and Real got the right to free kick. Behind the ball came Cristiano Ronaldo, but his shot went over the goal. In the 27th minute, Neamar defeated Real’s defense but slipped and failed to strike. There was a very sharp attack on Real, Marcelo found Ronaldo on the left, who came to the right and hit the ball, but the ball met the face of the keeper of the Parisian goalkeeper Areolla, who was definitely sorry for the situation. In the 32nd minute Sergio Ramos tried his mark with a head after a corner and found the outline of the door, but Areola saved.

PSG organizes a dangerous attack after winning the ball in the middle of the pitch. The ball hit Adrien Rabio, who sent her to the net. Ronaldo could return the goal in the 37th minute after freeing up space in the penalty area of ​​Parisians but sending the ball with a terrible force over the door. Real Madrid’s defeat in the following minute hardly led to a second goal in the Real’s goal after Cavani was missed, but two lucky ricochets did not allow a new hit.

In the 41st minute Real came to a new position, but again he did not.
Two minutes later, a wonderful attack on Real ended with a stroke of Benzema’s move, but Areolla saved. Seconds later, Real Madrid was awarded a penalty after Tony Kroos was shot down in the penalty area. Real Madrid’s big star, Cristiano Ronaldo, made a great deal of responsibility and managed to make it 1 : 1.

The second part began with the expected pressure from Real’s team, who was looking for a second goal behind the equalizer at the end of the first half. The first clean position, however, was at the front of Real Madrid after Mabé got the ball to the right and shot, but Kayor Nabas with brilliant intervention reflected the blow. In the 54th minute, Rabio again made a dangerous blow, reflected in Sergio Ramos’s self-esteem, with a suspicion of playing with a hand, but the defender himself insisted that the ball hit him in the shoulder. The two teams continued to look for a second goal, but they were already acting cautiously with the approach of the end of the match.

In the 68th minute, a painful but curious situation arose. Neimar centers, but the ball met the head of the referee Gianluca Rocky and caused a lot of pain to the referee.

In the 73rd minute, Real has experienced a nightmare after a two-time hit on PSG players was blocked in the penalty area. Real players managed to push the ball forward despite the deep press. This resulted in the final ten minutes, which turned out to be a nightmare for the guests. In the 83rd one, in front of the PSG door, Cristiano Ronaldo sent the ball into the net with a knee after the Parisian goalkeeper had previously hit the ball.

Three minutes later, hearty Marcelo lifted Bernabeu to his feet with a third goal in the net behind Alfonso Areola. The attack hurled the players in white, pushing the guests tightly in search of a new goal. At the very end of the game, Neimar failed to make the loss of the PSG more honorable and to ease the task of the French team on the rematch.

Real Madrid 3 – 1 Paris SG Highlights 14.12.2018 Champions League

Real Madrid 3 - 1 Paris SG HIGHLIGHTS 14.12.2018