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A Beginner’s Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer


A Beginner’s Guide To Coaching Youth Soccer

Summary: Coaching youth soccer can be a complicated task. Make sure that you understand the basics of coaching before you begin.

Coaching a team of kids can be a handful, especially if they’re new at the game of soccer. You’ll have to establish a set of rules, ensure nobody gets hurt while playing, purchase a variety of soccer accessories (assuming you’re a volunteer, and teach them the fundamentals at the same time. Here are some tips that’ll make your job much easier – and less expensive.

A Beginner’s Guide to Coaching Youth SoccerStart With the Basics

Before you let the kids put on their Adidas soccer cleats and start frolicking around the field with a soccer ball, hold a mini team meeting before. Be sure that you set some ground rules before you hit the field. This means things like no horseplay, no rough-housing, following your commands, etc.

Avoid Favoritism

The game is all about teamwork, not one person. Try to avoid playing favorites, even though you already know certain kids are light years ahead of their peers. Are you going to let that kid sit on the bench for every game, but revel in victories, thinking he was part of a “team” effort? Probably not. And you can bet it won’t sit well with the parents of that child as well.

Don’t Overspend on Gear

Before you make any rash decisions on purchasing gear for the children, note that you don’t have to buy a customized Adidas soccer jersey for every kid on your team. The costs do vary based on the league that you’re in – as parents will have to invest some money to join, and this may or may not cover the costs of equipment as well.

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