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How Do Football Prices Compare Across Europe’s Top 5 Leagues?


How Do Football Prices Compare Across Europe’s Top 5 Leagues?

We all know that it’s expensive to follow a Premier League team, but new research has shown just how much the cost of supporting your team varies across Europe’s top five leagues.

The research, from MyVoucherCodes, looked at the cost of the cheapest available season ticket, single match ticket and replica shirt for every team in the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Spain and Ligue 1 to produce the European Football Index.

So, how does the Premier League compare? Well, the average season ticket will cost you £516 (from £891 at Arsenal to £299 at Huddersfield), which is more than double the amount you’d pay in the other four top-light leagues (£159 in the Bundesliga, £205 in La Liga, £229 in Serie A and £172 in Ligue 1).

And it’s a similar picture when it comes to single match tickets too. The average cost of the cheapest available match day ticket in the Premier League stands at £28.50, compared to £13 in the Bundesliga, £21 in La Liga, £16 in Serie A and just £9 in Ligue 1.

The research also revealed that the cheapest season ticket across those same five leagues could be found at Leganés, who sit toward the bottom of La Liga, where you can pick up a season ticket for just £98, whereas the most expensive was £891 at Arsenal’s plush Emirate’s Stadium.

Surprisingly though, the most expensive average single match ticket didn’t come from one of Europe’s top clubs, but Everton in the Premier League, where the cheapest available match ticket costs £38, although it’s worth pointing out that there isn’t much difference between their ticket options, with the most expensive costing just £49.

And at the other end of the scale, a number of French clubs offer extremely affordable ticket options (although sometimes in very limited numbers, with Bordeaux, Caen, Monaco and Nîmes all offering tickets at just £4 for certain games.

But while it’s clear that the Premier League is the most expensive league to actually attend, the research also threw up another interesting fact, which is that Premier League fans actually pay the least when it comes to buying replica shirts, with the average one costing £55, which admittedly still isn’t very cheap, but it’s less than the £70 paid in the Bundesliga, £60 in La Liga, £71 for Serie A and £70 for Ligue 1.

The study only adds fuel to the argument that working class and younger football fans are being ‘priced out’ of the beautiful game, with the BBC’s latest Price of Football survey showing that many young fans are put off attending games due to the high prices.

While it’s great that the Premier League has evolved into one of the best sporting leagues in the world, attracting the very best players and coaches, this latest research shows just how high the cost of following it has become.

Click here to check out the European Football Index for yourself to see how your team compares to the rest of Europe and maybe even plan a cheap visit to a local team the next time you’re away on holiday!