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Pogba: I am grateful to Mourinho


Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba surprisingly thanks to former Red Devils manager Jose Mourinho for helping him develop as a footballer. The two were not in the best relationship while the Portuguese was at Old Trafford, but apparently Paul Pogba is ready to bury the hatchet.

Pogba: I am grateful to Mourinho“I know you expect to say why to Jose and to today’s result. It is clear that we are happy with this victory. We played well and the entire team was at the level. But I know you want to ask me: “Well at Jose …” We won trophies at Jose and I want to thank him for that. Not everything was good, but there were good things – we won trophies. When you win you grow up as a footballer and as a person. This is in the past, but I thank him. I am convinced that everyone is already looking forward to the next game and winning new points. We want to get back to the top. That’s what I have to say. The whole team played well. We are pleased that the new manager has begun with such a victory, it was important and we hope to continue in the same spirit. It will not be good after a similar performance today to lose the next game, “Pogba said.