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Super Bowl 2019 – The Latest Predictions and Analysis


Super Bowl 2019 – The Latest Predictions and Analysis

The playoffs were explosive, but they are over. Now the most anticipated sporting event in North America is just around the corner, and fans and bettors alike cannot wait. Vegas is abuzz as are many betting sites. Odds have been changing by the hour, but we believe we have the latest, most accurate odds and comprehensive analysis.Super Bowl 2019 – The Latest Predictions and Analysis

The Odds

The experts have made their picks and bookies in Vegas are adjusting their odds. The latest odds place the New England Patriots at -2.5 against their challengers, the Los Angeles Rams. The money line, a favorite bet, ranks the Rams at +115. What’s more, the over-under is set at 57.5.

These figures may change before the due date, but they will not stray far. However, our you can rest assured that our analysis below is spot-on.

Pats vs. Rams – A Comprehensive Analysis

The popular opinion at the moment is that the New England Patriots will beat the Los Angeles Rams to win the Super Bowl yet again. However, there are chances that the Rams may become the latest alpha on the bloc. Here is how the odds stack up:

Coaches – Experience vs. Youth

The New England Patriots won their eighth straight AFC title on Sunday. They have so far won 5 Super Bowls and lost 3 under Coach Bill Belichick. Their quarterback, Tom Brady, will be making his ninth appearance on the stage this season. So far, only the Steelers outshine the Pats at the moment. This is the first time the Los Angeles Rams will play in the Super Bowl under their new coach Sean McVay. It will also be the first time on the big stage for most of their players albeit they have several seasoned players. When it comes to experience, the New England Patriots have the upper hand.


Tom Brady is arguably the most experienced quarterback on the field at the moment. He will be making his ninth appearance this season, and he brings with him years of experience and resilience. Naturally, the Rams see him as their greatest threat and will do anything to keep him occupied.

Jared Goff, the Rams’ quarterback, has had an unstable record in the recent past. In his most recent playoffs, Goff completed 40 passes out of 68 and made just one TD and interception. However, McVay has made a lot of progress with Goff as illustrated in many other games, and this excellence may come out on the field on 3rd Feb. in fact, Goff may just be the x-factor that may change the current tides of the game.

Offense vs. Defense

Naturally, the New England Patriots will be on the offensive against the less-favored Rams. Brady is the Pats’ best bet, and he has the backing of many other experienced players.

The Rams, however, are expected to put up a strong defense as illustrated in their past games. Their best odds of slowing Brady down is by taking away his comfort and focus at the pocket. Aaron Donald will come in handy here as he has thus far logged 59 tackles and 20.5 sacks – Donald may end up winning the NFL Defensive Player of The Year Award. Michael Brockers and Ndamukong Suh will also be a handful for the Pats.

When and Where to Watch the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl LIII is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time. The event will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Ga. Once again, CBS Sports will be the go-to channel for catching the game live. However, everyone from anywhere in the world can also catch the action live on a variety of other platforms:

  • Verizon Mobile (free service) – Verizon will be streaming the Super Bowl live for free only on registered mobile devices.
  • BBC One (free service) – the UK and European residents can also watch the game live for free on BBC One.
  • YouTube TV (premium service) – YouTube TV also has access to several platforms that air the Super Bowl live.
  • Hulu (premium service) – Hulu has also partnered with several Super Bowl carriers and will be streaming the game live.
  • DirecTV Now (premium service) – DirecTV Now is also a popular live-streaming platform.
  • PlayStation Vue (premium service) – PlayStation subscribers will also have access to the Super Bowl LIII live.

Tip: Most of these services are restricted to U.S. residents, but anyone can stream Super Bowl live using a reliable VPN program.

Here is a comprehensive table of everything you need to know about these live-streaming services:

Streaming Service Pricing Trial Period Games Carried Device Compatibility
Verizon Free None needed Super Bowl Mobile devices only
CBS All Access $6/month 7 days Super Bowl Internet-compatible devices
BBC One Free None needed Super Bowl TV and internet-compatible devices
YouTube TV $40/month 14 days NFL Play-offs

Super Bowl

Internet-compatible devices
Hulu $40/month 7 days Super Bowl Internet-compatible devices
DirecTV Now $40/month 7 days NFL Play-offs

Super Bowl

Internet-compatible devices
PlayStation Vue $45/month 7 days Super Bowl Internet-compatible devices
NFL Game Pass $115/year


7 days

7 days

All NFL Games

Super Bowl

Internet-compatible devices