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Liverpool was stopped in the city derby and is now lagging behind in the title fight


Liverpool and Everton finished 0-0 in the Merseyside derby. The match was played at a high pace and the battle on the pitch was serious, but the match did not offer much football merit. Mohammed Salah missed the two best positions created by the “red”. The Egyptian was twice taken alone against Pickford and failed to realize.

After spending several months at the top of the list, Jürgen Klopp team is second to be at a point in Manchester City. Liverpool has had 19 consecutive matches without a loss from the city’s rival, but this is hardly a pleasure for players who recorded a third 0-0 in their last four games.

The duel began at a swift pace and with attacks on both doors. Caramels were aggressive at the start and the tenth minute came to a dangerous situation before Alison, which ended with a decisive intervention by Van Dyke. More often, however, Liverpool created dangers, and Salah did not take advantage of it several times.

Gradually the control of the “red” increased and they played more with the ball, but on the pitch there was more battle than football. The tempo was high, but the goals were missing. Marco Silva’s team,Äôs tried to break through with a long throw from his opponent, but this tactic was not particularly successful.

In the 28th minute, Fabigno brought Salah, who had a tremendous space ahead of him. He advanced and tried a technical strike along Pickford but the goalkeeper saved. Within a few minutes Liverpool’s pressure came, but the “caramels” did.

After the break, the situation did not change much. The pace continued to be high, but it led to a lot of mistakes on both sides. In the 53rd minute, Everton reached an accurate shot in the outline of the door. After a Fabigno error, a corner kick was made, after which Calvert-Luiin fired, but Alison was well positioned and the ball was in his hands.

A little later Mohamed Salah missed a second excellent opportunity from the start of the match. The Egyptian came out alone against Pickford, but his first touch was not good, he slowed down and allowed Michael Keane to knock out the ball before he could hit.

Klap tried to change something by putting Firmino and Milner in play, and taking out Oregiy and Wainliddum. Immediately after the entry, the Brazilian participated in an excellent attack that ended with Mane’s head, which hardly reached the ball and could not hinder the goalie of the caramel. The attempts of the “red” to reach a goal left some space for the rival and several times Van Dyke had to decisively intervene to stop Everton attacks.

However, Marko Silva’s team made a good opportunity to find the score in the 73rd minute. Richerlison, who walked through the worm, broke off to the right and sent the ball into the penalty area, where Bernard was short of centimeters by jamming the net. In the last few minutes nerves prevailed. Fabigno had a great opportunity to bring the victory to his team, but 2 meters from the goalie went to control the ball and she was killed. Liverpool’s last chance came five minutes before the end, when he broke into the penalty area in front of Pickford and ended with a shot by Firmino, who was blocked.