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Our job is to win, and the rest is just a fate


Manager Jurgen Klopp assured Liverpool fans that he and the players will do their best to win the title in England and the Champions League, but it is largely up to fate. On Friday, the Reds defeated 5: 0 Huddersfield on Friday and stayed at Manchester City in the Premier League, and in the Champions League, they met Barcelona.

Jurgen Klopp
“We are in a very good situation when I go to bed in the evening and think about football, I wake up with an exact line in my head or a certain person with certain functions.” It is true, “he said.

“This is not always good, it is good now because all the thoughts are positive When you win the previous game you can imagine your victory in the next one If you lose, this is more complicated Our life is so permanent “I’m proud of the boys,” he continued in an interview with the Premier League Productions.

Sterling: Nobody wants Liverpool to win the title

“I think that from a foreign point of view, it seems complicated what our players are doing – they justify the expectation of a match after a game, it’s great, and the rest is just a fate, we do not know what is going to happen, we have to show all the best of us then we’ll see where that will take us, “concluded Clap.