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They determined the punishment of Marco Royce


Borussia’s (Dortmund) captain Marko Royce has been fined for two matches because of his red card in the past match with Schalke 04 (2 : 4) from the Bundesliga. The attacker was expelled in the second half for an acute entry into the opponent’s feet. For a similar offense, his teammate Marius Wolf was also eliminated, but his sanction was bigger – three fights. The club accepted the penalties and will not appeal them.

Marco Royce vs schalke 27.04.2019
Until the end of the championship, there are only three rounds, which is a serious problem for veterans. The team pursues Bayern (Munich), which has a 2-point lead. In these three last collisions, Dortmund guest Werder (Bremen) accepts Fortuna (Düsseldorf) and hosts Borussia (Mönchengladbach).